About Nervous system capacity

It’s not about trying always be at peace all the time, it’s not about not having difficult situations anymore. It’s a capacity to regulate your nervous system towards a bigger flexibility of holding both ends & all spectrum that’s available to you: pleasure, ease, safety, peace and also pain, contraction, limits & triggers.

Course curriculum

    1. Start here! Program outline & practicalities

    1. How our nervous system work & 4Fs responses SESSION REPLAY

    2. Autonomic nervous system and 4Fs responses presentation

    3. Nervous system speaks through somatics

    4. NS through somatic experience_contraction, numbness and expansion

    5. Day review track: gratitude and celebrations

    1. Charge. Triggers. Over-couplings SESSION REPLAY

    2. Charge.Triggers.Overcouplings session replay AUDIO VERSION

    3. What is a trigger and how to handle it? BLOG

    4. Analyse your triggers

    5. Strategies in times of flashbacks and over-couplings

    6. Dealing with the charge

    7. Anchoring in the present from dislocation and different time

    8. Orientation in the now and finding access to safety

    1. Nervous system regulators and dysregulators LIVE video session

    2. Nervous system regulators and dysregulators LIVE audio session

    3. Nervous System Regulators & Dysregulators inventory (In Notion system, so you can work on it directly)

    4. Nervous system regulators and dysregulators inventory (as pdf to download if Notions doesn't work)

    5. The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale

    6. Food as the regulator

    7. Processing the freeze track

    1. Live session recording

    1. Capacity, boundaries, emotions and safety session_VIDEO recording

    2. Restoring energetic field, boundaries and safe space track

    3. Your NS and Receiving capacity correlation. Reflect where do you function the most of the time?

    4. "The language of emotions" book link

    5. ON GUILT

    6. Signs your nervous system is healing

About this course

  • $425.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content

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Gain awareness about how your nervous system works!

Learnt to recognize what your body communicates and how to increase your capacity to receive, handle and manage more.