There’s visibility, and then there’s BEING SEEN

    1. Start here! Welcome and celebration

    2. Welcome questionnaire

    3. Welcome video and intention visualization

    4. Modules time & calendar

    1. Internal Visibility Live session recording

    2. Embodying your golden shadow_reflections

    3. Embodying a golden shadow visualization

    4. Healing your childhood visibility believe practise

    1. Nervous system and 4Fs LIVE recording

    2. Nervous system, 4Fs and dysregulation symptoms

    3. Nervous system check in & somatics

    4. Finding safety within yourself

    5. Intergenerational trauma

    6. Polar Bear Coming out of Freeze

    1. External Visibility LIVE recording

    2. Your Authentic Visibility according Human Design

    1. "Love seats" recording

    2. Books for building relationship and increasing your creativity capacity

About this course

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  • 18 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

Unfold and expand your visibility capacity